Campaign Management


Providing support in all aspects of campaign management to deliver and optimise highly targeted cross-channel campaigns. 

Campaign Planning

Our dedicated Campaign Managers will help you plan a data driven campaign. They'll work with you to develop a detailed campaign brief with agreed objectives and success metric, whether that's increasing existing customer revenue or acquiring new leads.

Our analytical team will complete the pre-campaign analysis to define the target audience, most effective channels and benchmark statistics for tracking response and uplift. Once these are established, the campaign plans will be output including segment splits, controls and testing.

For those that want the full end-to-end service, we can complete the data selection and execution, as well as the post-campaign analysis and tracking.

Prospect Data

For acquisition campaigns, Webalytix can source highly targeted prospect data across all online and off-line channels. To enhance campaign performance, we recommend they are data driven and based on customer insights.

Our pre-campaign analysis includes customer profiling, catchment analysis, prospect modelling and segmentation to define your target audiences and select the most responsive prospect data.

Campaign Attribution

Managing marketing spend can be difficult. However, we can help you predict the marketing impact on sales. This model can help boost the performance of your channels and allocate your marketing budget optimally across your marketing channels.

Campaign Execution

Our analytical team have a vast experience of a wide range of campaign tools and can provide support to set up and execute campaigns.

We offer a bespoke and flexible service, depending on your requirements and in-house resource. We can set you up and automate your campaigns for you to manage in-house, or alternatively, we can work alongside you as part of your team.

We have worked with many clients to help them streamline their campaign process, creating cost and time efficiencies as well as incresing the response rates and business insights.

Creative and Content

Campaign Optimisation

We can support you to evaluate and optimise your campaign performance. Each campaign will include a test and learn strategy with post-campaign response analysis to measure the uplift and ROI of each campaign cell. The results are discussed with you and improvements are incorporated into future campaigns to optimise performance over time.

The benefits


Full campaign management, from goal setting/strategy through to delivery and reporting

A dedicated campaign manager

Tailored comms to different target audiences

Marketing budget allocated to the right channels

More effective marketing campaigns, increased response rates and business insights

Regular automated reporting to help achieve targets

Ability to use Webalytix data assets to improve campaign targeting

Streamlined campaign processes creating cost and time efficiencies

Optimised and highly targeted campaigns

Strategies that deliver

Fully supported

You'll have a dedicated Campaign Manager to support your requirements.  We provide an end-to-end service from conception, implementation, management and reporting - our team will be hands on to your campaign.

Campaign optimisation

We monitor our campaigns carefully.  After vigorous testing, only the best are selected.  This core set of adverts will generate high quality but cost-effective conversions.

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Delivery assurance

With hundreds of campaigns completed and millions of customers reached - you're in safe hands.  We'll ensure your campaign is delivered on time and within budget.

Successful campaign management - a case study

The goal

The goal

A leading grocery retailer was sending out 30+ campaigns a week and millions of untargeted emails. They needed insight on the results and, importantly, a reduction in spend.


Our process

Now working with the client for a number of years, we provide an ongoing blend of resource and skills. Our flexible approach covers analysis, reporting, campaign management and strategy.

The results



per annum in
'wasted' comms



in campaign
delivery time



on optimised strategic campaigns

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