CRM Strategy


We offer a wide range of CRM ‘services’. Whether it’s as simple as reviewing your existing CRM activity to developing contact strategies, advising on tools and technology or as complex as implementing and executing multi-channel CRM strategies. We are always on hand to help, no matter what the challenge.

CRM Audits

The first step in enhancing your CRM activity is to audit what is in place already. Our CRM audit will identify the gaps and enhancements and deliver a bespoke insight-led CRM plan. It will review your CRM, data, technology, processes, insight and reporting against your current marketing strategy. It delivers a report of actionable recommendations, highlighting the areas of greatest opportunities and the quick wins.

Our audit will help you address the key elements currently holding back your CRM activity and use your data to provide ‘insight led’ recommendations.

CRM Comms Planning

We help clients to enhance existing or develop a new CRM comms strategy. Each one is tailored to their specific business and goals. We followed a structured process to ensure the Comms Strategy is insight led and devised to meet their campaign objectives, including driving brand awareness, new acquisition, loyalty, retention, to supporting the full customer journey.

We provide and end to end service, from planning to campaign optimisation across multiple on and off-line channels, supporting our clients to achieve their campaign goals.

Test & Learn Strategies

To optimise CRM activity and enhance performance over time, Webalytix recommends that CRM comms plan include a structured Test and Learn strategy. This ensures campaign effectiveness is measured and tests are statistically robust with clear objectives. The test strategy will be tailored to each campaign and their KPIs, but may cover channel, content, creative, format, frequency, timing and offer. Dashboard reports will track performance and highlight the results of the tests visually, enabling the most effective variant to be identified, so ROI and marketing budgets can be optimised over time.

Test and learn strategies give you the insight to make informed decisions throughout the campaign in regard to resources and budget allocation.

Campaign Management

We offer bespoke consultancy services to support clients in all aspects of campaign management from developing the campaign plans, defining the target audience and sourcing the campaign data, to executing the campaigns including content and creative. We can help optimise campaigns with pre and post campaign analytics, reporting and testing strategy.

Our services can be provided on a campaign project basis, or our analysts and consultants can work on-site as part of your team.

CRM System Assessment

Marketing automation enables companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing activity. It makes manual campaign processes more efficient and facilitates new functionality like machine learning and real-time digital integration, enhancing campaign performance.

If you’re looking for a system to automate your campaigns or you’ve “outgrown” your existing tool, choosing a new one can be a daunting decision requiring significant investment. We can support this process to ensure the best return on your Marketing budget and select the right system for you, and its future-proof. We offer bespoke services based on your needs. These include system reviews, defining functionality requirements, managing system tender process to supporting new system integration and implementation.

Optimise Customer Journeys

Mapping your Customer journey from your customer’s point of view, is a great exercise for spotting gaps and issues. Enabling you to enhance your processes, to optimise the overall customer experience. Our framework reviews the customer journey across all channels and touch points, from their very first encounter with your brand, through to their initial purchase and gaining their loyalty.

The customer journeys are mapped through interactive workshops with your customer facing staff, as well as field research. We work with you to develop an ‘enhanced customer journey’ from the issues and recommendations gleaned, to ensure the optimal journey consistently aligns with your brand strategy and values. It’s amazing how tweaks in your customer process and CRM plans can have a real impact on customer experience and conversion rates.

The benefits


Improved campaign effectiveness and increased ROI

Cost savings resulting from reduced wastage on comms

Improved customer experience through more relevant customer interactions

Improved customer loyalty and customer engagement

Ongoing optimisation of CRM through rigorous ‘test and learn’ plans

More personal customer relationships

Strategies that deliver

Strategies that deliver

Good CRM is based on powerful customer data and insight. All brands are doing 'CRM' - some are just more sophisticated than others. Our consultants are focused on client ROI. That's why we optimise CRM performance to make sure it delivers.

Customer focused

CRM isn’t just about sending comms. We achieve successful CRM by helping clients deliver a personalised, engaging and relevant customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

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Continually optimised

We test and track everything! This means you know exactly what areas can be improved, how they can be improved and the impact. CRM is a continual process so we ensure our client’s CRM is future-proofed.

The value of great CRM strategy - a case study

The goal

The goal

An online print company needed a strategy that would improve their customer lifetime value. Importantly, they needed a flexible approach - and fast. The customer value was dropping every year.


Our process

We provided a contact strategy that was tailored to each customer segments’ needs:

• Firstly, we ran a data audit to understand the customer attributes and created a Single Customer View.

• We then matched this to our lifestyle and business data sets to get additional insight.

• Finally, developing customer segmentation based on Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value (RFM) helped us map out a relevant contact strategy for each group.

The results

The customer now has a measurable contact strategy, aligned to their business objectives

Targeted comms ensure customers get relevant and timely offers

The budget is now focussed on customer segments that will deliver the best ROI

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