Data Driven Campaigning

Driving performance through customer insights & marketing analytics

Webalytix provide data-driven campaign services to help clients use their customer data to glean key insights that can enhance the performance of their Marketing campaigns.  It ensures the campaigns are customer focused and have clear objectives to measure success. Webalytix delivers data-driven campaigns across multiple channels all tailored according to your customer insight and business strategy.  They enable you to communicate with both customers and prospects and customers, using the following comprehensive suite of channel options:


‘Ready to Buy from you’ Leads

Ready to buy customers are highly responsive leads - like bringing new customers to your doorstep! Our campaign teams use digital, telemarketing and personalised mailing to find customers interested in your product. These leads are further qualified in our call centres to validate they are ready to purchase and agree consents. Our bespoke program enables the supply of daily leads with contact information, direct to your call centre.

Email Targeting

Email marketing allows you to reach a wide target audience at an individual level with low delivery costs. Its quick to set up and easy to deploy, making it a very cost-effective channel. Ideal for creating familiarity with the brand, ensuring you are front of mind when the customer is ready to purchase, complimenting other channels. The trackable open and click through metrics means it’s a great channel for testing and optimising campaign content, offers and formats. Access to 12 million UK adult GDPR compliant universe with a choice of data and broadcast only or an end to end service : creative, data and broadcasting.

Door Drops

Unaddressed door drop allows you to target households via catchments and geodemographics, reaching target audiences that might not be accessible via other channels. It’s quick to set up with a low cost per thousand households reached, making it a cost-effective channel. It’s good for creating awareness of your brand ensuring you are front of mind for when the customer is ready to purchase. As its not personalised targeting there’s no need for the same level of consent as other channels and it provides you access to 24 million UK households, with the option of targeted data or a full end to end service: creative, data and distribution.

Postal Direct Marketing

Personalised and highly responsive 121 targeting of individuals at their home address. We use customer profiling and prospect modelling to help you to target prospects and customers with the right product at the right time. Direct Marketing is great at driving brand awareness and response. It builds strong customer relationships by enabling you to communicate directly to your target audience. Out postal direct marketing data is fully GDPR compliant and provide a UK-wide universe of c. 35 million UK adults, 21 million households. We can provide the full end to end service: creative, data, printing, postage, delivery.


Telemarketing provides a highly personalised method of contacting your target prospects or customers. Access to 8.5 million UK landline or mobile telephone numbers that are GDPR compliant and ready to be handed over to your call centre. It is a very measurable channel and provides instant engagement and response.

Paid Digital Media

Our analysts use insight to reach out to your audience where they spend the most time – online. We can pinpoint your perfect prospects and predict their digital behaviours, using this to drive traffic to your website. Highly targeted display ads across social media and search engine platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Ads, ensure success and cost-effectiveness by focusing on the key media for your audience. Furthermore, re-targeting warm leads or customers helps keep your brand front of mind for when they’re ready to purchase, while ongoing messaging is great for building brand awareness and engagement to cold prospects that are in your target market and catchment area.

The benefits


Cost effective – campaigns highly targeted to your customer profile avoiding wastage

Compliant leads – access to UK-wide GDPR compliant consumer marketing dataset

Scientifically driven – campaigns based on data science generated from your customers

Highly responsive – focusing campaign activity on the most responsive consumers

Measurable – campaigns are tracked to measure success and optimise marketing spend

Accuracy – insight drives campaign and content making communications more relevant

Our process

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Strategies that deliver

Our consultants provide an end to end campaign solution which is personalised to your requirements, whether that is data supply only or a fully managed service. To develop a data-driven campaign, we apply our 5-D’s approach detailed below.

Our structured 5D's approach to delivering successful insight and CRM projects

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